Freedom Mill Arcade and Escape Room


Temporary Arcade Hours

Friday-Saturday: 11AM-8PM

Sunday: 11AM-6PM

Freedom Mill arcade has over 35 games to choose from, like basketball,mini bowling,laser maze and so much more! Our games range from .25 to $2.50. All you need to do is purchase a “FUN PASS” and upload any dollar amount.

Our $20 card also comes with an extra $2.50, what a great deal! Once you’ve earned your tickets, come up to our redemption counter located in the game room and get your prizes! If you want to save your tickets for next time, our game cards are valid for up to a year after purchasing!

Spend $10 or more at the Freedom Grill and get a FREE FUN PASS!


Answer riddles and solve puzzles to escape our Safari Scramble Escape Room! Find clues and use your skills to put together the solution to save the world in 50 minutes or less! Click “Book Now” and select Safari Scramble!

Our Escape Room is fully-interactive and challenges your science, math, and literature skills.

Suitable for up to 8 participants. Choose your group wisely!

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