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Temporary Hours of Operation

Sunday-Thursday:  11AM-6PM  (Last shooter taken at 4:45PM)

Friday-Saturday:    11:AM-8PM (Last shooter taken at 6:45PM)

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The Gun Range at Freedom Mill features 16 indoor shooting lanes, all climate controlled, well lit and immaculately maintained for cleanliness. 
Gun rentals, eye & ear protection, ammo, and targets are also available.
Basic Pistol Instruction class (ages 8 and up) is offered with an NRA-trained instructor, and one-on-one training can also be arranged with a qualified instructor.

Freedom Mill Range Fees

Military, Police, and First Responders shoot for only $12

Youth (ages 10-17) Shoot for only $10

Freedom Mill Range Membership Plans

Gold Level- $325/year

  • Add family member (of the same physical address) to share one lane for $100 per member added
  • 5% off all ammo, shooting supplies (excluding firearms)
  • Unlimited range uses/visits
  • $10 per day Guest Benefit (member must be present and share one lane with guest)

Platinum Level- $625/year

  • Add family member (of the same physical address) to share one lane for $75 per member added
  • $8 per day Guest Benefit (member must be present and share one lane with guest)
  • Unlimited range uses/visits
  • Two guns per year at manager pricing
  • Unlimited free gun rentals
  • 10% off all shooting supplies, accessories, and ammo (excluding firearms)
  • 10% off Freedom Mill clothing/boots
  • Gun transfers for $15
  • Use of Milo Interactive Shooting System for $15 per hour
  • Discounts on training/certification classes

Corporate Plan- $1475/year (up to 5 people), $2900/year (6-10 people), $290/year per person (11 or more)

  • 5 free guest passes for corporate membership (5 total passes)
  • 10% off all shooting supplies, accessories, and ammo (excluding firearms)
  • Unlimited range uses/visits

Freedom Mill Gun Range Safety Rules

1. ALWAYS keep firearms pointed down range and in a safe direction.
2. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
3. ALWAYS keep your firearm unloaded until you are in the shooting booth and are ready to fire.
4. ALWAYS keep the action of your firearm OPEN when you are not in the firing line.
5. ALL firearms must be in the shooting booth while being used or while at rest.
7. Targets must be placed BELOW the indicated line on backers. Shots above line may incur fine.
8. No loading of firearms EXCEPT in the shooting booth.
9. No buckshots or birdshots permitted. Please use SLUGS only when shooting with a shotgun.
10. Tracer, armor piercing, incendiary, steel case, and steel core ammunition are PROHIBITED.
11. Shooters MUST ONLY use Freedom Mill purchased ammo in rental guns.
12. No one except Range Officers/Personnel can go beyond firing line at any time.
13. Eye and Ear protection are required at all times while in the shooting area.
14. NEVER consume alcohol or drugs prior to or during shooting.
15. No food, drinks, tobacco, or vaping products permitted within the range.
16. Closed toed shoes required for use of range.
17. Children must be at least 10 years of age to be allowed use of range.
18. Children under the age of 18, if shooting a long gun, or under 21 if shooting a handgun, must
be accompanied by their parent or guardian and supervised at all times. PROOF OF
19. Pulling gun from holster and firing is PROHIBITED.
20. Use the appropriate size target. Firing a shot on the range that results in the bullet striking
anything other than the target and/or backstop, may result in damage or repair fine and/or
your removal from the range.
21. ONLY shoot at your target, cross firing of targets is prohibited.
22. If you have brought more than one firearm, use only one at a time and, when finished, case the
unloaded firearm and its ammunition before uncasing the next one.
23. NO flash photography is permitted on the range.
24. Pregnant or nursing mothers are not allowed on the range at any time.
25. Shooters may only collect their OWN brass behind the firing line (collect promptly for once
Range Officers clear brass past firing line, it will not be retrievable).
26. The Range Master or Range Personnel reserve the right to inspect any firearms or ammunition
for safety considerations.

Weekly Range Specials

Every Thursday- Ladies Night

Grab your gals and have a great night out! Have a grand ole time that won’t soon be forgotten.

Ladies shoot for $7 or for FREE with purchase of ammo from Freedom Mill.

Every Friday- Date Night

 The couple that trains together, stays together. Hone your skills with your significant other, because nobody has your back like they do…

2 Shooters, 1 Lane, 1 Target for only $25 (and save 10% on dinner at Freedom Family Grill)

Firearm Transfers

Firearm transfers are subject to a $30 fee ($15 for Platinum Range Membership Holders). Transfer Only Available via Email at

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