About Us

Freedom is the core of our beliefs. We stand for the Constitution, including the Amendments: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, and the Freedom to Bear Arms.

We believe that we have been given true Freedom by the Truth of Jesus Christ. John 8:32

And we Honor our Heritage as one of the oldest standing structures in the our community, and while we are no longer a Feed Mill, we will continue to Plant Seeds of Faith and Joy wherever we can.

What our Customers have to say

"Went here to celebrate a birthday and axe throw. I wasn’t planning on participating but I’m glad I did. Aiden was the absolute best. His personality contributed to the fun of the party. My husband used the gun range and said the people at the desk were very helpful and the range was clean with working equipment. My daughter did not want to leave. She had a blast with the arcade games and said “ there was a great variety of games and prizes” Pretty much blown away with this whole experience."

Anne M.

"This store is one of the best around. They treasure their customers and treat all with respect. They were open the day after the hurricane went through this area and had limited power and took care of all the customers that came that day. There was not enough power for the gun range to be open as well and they had a sign telling people that it was closed. Some person who did not like that gave a poor rating and that had to be someone who is use to getting their way. So sad that they would do something like this. Sounds like a spoiled kid."

Bill T.

"Super neat place with nice staff. Fun for the whole family. Kids can play at the arcade, dad can go to the gun range and mom can shop at the country store. Definitely want to go back with some friends to throw axes! The food was great too! We will definitely be back!"

Brittni H.

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