Have you seen the huge selection of Willow Tree Figurines for sale at Freedom Mill? Willow Tree is an awesome brand that makes a variety of mini sculptures for any occasion, the perfect gifts for anyone in your life or even for yourself!

An Incredibly Talented Artist

Willow Tree was created in 2000 by Susan Lordi Marker. Susan is passionate about creating beautiful art for her customers, as well as being environmentally friendly and helping to conserve the world around her.

Susan has a Master of Fine Arts and loves both sculpting and working with textiles. Her work has been published in art journals and museum exhibition catalogs and she has won several awards for her art in the United States and internationally. She has also been a visiting artist to schools all over the country.

In addition to sculpting and creating art, Susan owns a stretch of prairie in Missouri that she tends to, trying to help restore the beauty of the plains. She is also involved in cultural, arts and conservation organizations in and around the Kansas City community.

Handcrafted Sculptures Made With Care

Susan handcarves the original version of every Willow Tree figurine in her home studio in Kansas City Missouri. Pieces are cast from her originals, and every one is handpainted individually. Susan “sketches” each new piece in clay as she forms and carves each piece, and this truly unique approach makes her products truly special. Many of her sculptures incorporate delicate patterns of gold leaf or pressed metal, free-hand carved patterns or etchings to make each piece even more unique.

The figurines are never given faces, rather, Susan aims for the expression to be shown through gestures only. The head tilt, hand placement or body language of the little sculptures demonstrates some of the expression for each of the figures, and the goal is for the owner of the figurine to imagine the rest based off of his or her own idea of the figure’s meaning.

Susan’s sculptures convey all of the emotions of a life well-lived: love, closeness, healing, courage, hope and so on. She hopes that these universal emotions in each figurine and the ability to interpret the meaning will make for an incredibly special gift for anyone in your life.

Great as Gifts for Any Occasion

Willow Tree makes figurines suitable for any occasion – the perfect gift for anyone. The figurines come in sets, like the Christmas Nativity set, or individually, like the dozens upon dozens of stand-alone pieces. The collectible sculptures would make the perfect gift for a birthday, Easter, Christmas, mother’s day or any day in between.

Come by Freedom Mill today to check out the huge selection of Willow Tree figurines in store, support an awesome artist and fantastic brand, and shop local!

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