Freedom Mill is now carrying a variety of Nora Fleming products! These designer centerpiece displays are a must-have for any table and any event. With a variety of platters, serving trays and centerpieces and dozens of options for minis, there is guaranteed to be something here you’ll love!

The Perfect Stylish Gift for Anyone

There is a selection of platters and centerpiece bases available for purchase, and the dozens of options of Nora Fleming minis fit into the specially designed fixtures in the bases. These minis can easily be swapped out to accommodate for any holiday or occasion you may need to decorate for. The platters and centerpieces will make the perfect gift for anyone in your life, and with the wide selection of minis you can collect them all!

Unique Products from a Designer Boutique

Nora Fleming is a sibling-run company that has grown into a fashionable designer brand. They are known for their signature pink bird in their logo, and their goal as a brand is to bring a little extra joy to the center of any occasion. The products are chic and stylish, but playful and whimsical at the same time, so come in to Freedom Mill to pick out your favorites today!

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