Did you know that Freedom Mill sells candles by Habersham Candle Company? These fantastic candles are the perfect decoration for anyone’s home.

A Locally Owned Company

Habersham Candle Company was started in 2001. They are located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Cornelia, Georgia, making them an incredibly close, locally owned company! And when you buy these locally produced candles from an also local retailer such as Freedom Mill, you can feel great knowing that you’re supporting not one but TWO locally run businesses.

So Many Awesome Scented Options

Habersham Candle Company is unique for many reasons, one of them being the company’s fragranced botanical candles designed with combinations of natural flowers, herbs, fabrics and even candy materials embedded within the candle wax. 

Habersham Candle began marketing Wax Pottery in the spring of 2003. These unique, handmade sphere and vessel shapes use scented wax as a base and are then filled with botanical or garden materials for design and a pop of color. And they’re non-burning too: you just unwrap them, place them on a stand or a base and enjoy the fragrance that fills the room. The fragrance in these non-burning candles can last six months or longer, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the fabulous scents, and the beauty of the design can last for years. And no two pieces are exactly alike so every design gives you a truly unique piece of artwork! 

The Perfect Gift for Anyone… Including Yourself

Because these candles are so uniquely awesome and can be put anywhere, this makes them the perfect gift for anyone in your life! Celebrate birthdays, Mother’s Day, Easter, Christmas or anything in between with a Wax Pottery vessel or sphere. Want one of these for yourself? Any day is a great occasion to get one of them! So stop by Freedom Mill today to buy one of these awesome candles and shop local!

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